Agata Juruć


Agata Juruć graduated psychology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz and dietetics at the Poznań University of Medical Sciences. Certified and licensed coach. She works in the Department of Diabetology and Internal Medicine at the Poznań University of Medical Sciences. The member of Polish Diabetes Association and the Centre of Eating Disorders in Great Poland. She is engaged in education of people with diabetes and professionals such as physicians, nurses, dietitians and educators. Lecturer at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She was a co-organizer of conferences and workshops in the area of health psychology and psychological aspects of diets and nutrition. Her current interests and researches are concentrated mainly on brand new motivational techniques in diabetes, telemedicine, coaching in medicine, diabulimia, psychological aspects of eating and communication between patients and health professionals. Co-author of the book about nutrition in diabetes and articles around psychological aspects of diabetes, obesity and psychology of eating.