Florian TOTI MD

Florian Toti

Date of birth: 12 September 1969, married, two children. Nationality: Albanian

Actual position:

Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Tirana Medical University
Head of the Teaching Unit – Service of Endocrinology & Metabolic diseases
University Hospital Centre “Mother Theresa”

President of the Albanian Diabetes Association

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Tirana / ALBANIA on 1992.
1993-1997 Resident and Diploma of Internal Medicine
1998-2001 Resident and Diploma of Endocrinology & Diabetology

Speaks and writes fluently in English, French, Italian.

Received the title of Doctor in Medical Sciences on 2005, with the thesis: « Prevalence of Diabetes, and its chronic complications, metabolic control and Diabetes treatment in Tirana district » Faculty of Medicine, Tirana University Tirana / ALBANIA.
Prof. Assoc. in 2010 and Professor of Medicine, Tirana Medical University in 2015.

Participant on several national and international programs on Diabetes, such as ALBDIAB, Screening Diabetic retinopathy 15 year s after St. Vincent, IMAGE Project, invited lector at EASD postgraduated course, and national representant of IWGDF.

Initiator and moderator of different training programs for PWD, GP, nurses and pharmacists in Albania.

First author of writing group for National Guidelines on Type 2 Diabetes in Albania 2008 and 2012.

During the period 1997-2015 has published as first author or co-author, more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented more than 50 oral presentations in national and international conferences/congresses on Diabetes.

Professional address:
Service of Endocrinology & Metabolic diseases
University Hospital Centre “Mother Theresa”
370, Rruga e Dibres
1010-Tirana / ALBANIA
Tel: +355 4 234 9323 Fax: + 355 4 2249499
E-mail: floritoti@yahoo.it