Sylvia Lion


Sylvia Lion, is an advisor/consultant to organizations. Sylvia , graduated from the Pharmacy faculty of Nancy, France and a 3rd cycle of the Business School, Institut Superieur de Gestion in Paris.
Sylvia spent her career in the pharmaceutical industry , from national to international positions, in a wide range of products from OTC to medical devices and specialties and geographical areas. Sylvia hold several positions , marketing and external relations, which gave her the opportunity to realize strategic programmes and long term partnerships with both lay and professional organizations While evolving g in this professional positions, Sylvia co founded with a group of thought leaders the Diabetes Education Study Group, a pilot group in Patient education. Co author of articles around this subject, she gave conferences and organized workshops to educate and promote the concept.
Sylvia is member of number of professional and patient organizations including the European Association of Diabetes, the American Diabetes Association, the International Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes. Sylvia is a past Board member of EURADIA, an alliance of NGOs and Private entities to promote Diabetes research to the EU Commission. And past Vice president of SWEET , a pediatric group to improve quality of care in Children .
More recently, Sylvia was awarded by IDF and IDF Europe for distinguished services , as well as the EASD Albert Renold medal.