Rishi Shukla






Head of the Department of Endocrinology at Regency Hospital Ltd ;Kanpur and Chief Consultant – Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Diseases , Kanpur, INDIA

  • Written a chapter on Diabetes Education for Endocrine Society of India, Research Society for study of diabetes in India(Main diabetes organisation of Country).
  • Presentation on social issues on Type1 DM(International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes(ISPAD)-2007 till 2016 at different locations) also at IDF – Melbourne (2013) and Vancouver (2015) & AACE (2016) and ADA (2001).
  • Involved as principal Investigator in Global Clinical Trials (phase II/ phase III/phase IV)
  • Organized for First Time in Country “National Type1 Diabetes Meet” at Kanpur dedicated to people with Type1 Diabetes. This was the first ever meet related to Type1 diabetic patient in the country. Patients (Type1) traveled from all across the country to participate in 2 days meet.
  • Involved in working on Medicine Non-Compliance for last 5 years.